dubai_water_canal – Feature Article – Fadi Nwilati on Dubai Water Canal

Fadi Nwilati, CEO of KAIZEN Asset Management Services Says: Very few have had the privilege to be born and raised in Dubai. I have grown to witness dream after dream become a reality, starting with Palm Jumeirah. In the recent global recession, which also affected Dubai, many thought it was the permanent end of a city that was, hmm, perhaps still an adolescent. Many projects were on hold, and many had the courage to even go further and claim that some of these projects will never see the light, including the Canal Project. Many of these fellow professionals and people did not have the privilege that I had, to be raised in Dubai.

Being raised in this city, you learn from your youth, that dreams may be delayed, may be affected by many circumstances, but with perseverance and dedication, you continue the walk. While many people, including some international magazine and newspapers, were busy writing articles about the death of the Dubai dreams, the engineers were designing the Dubai Canal, inch for inch. While we were driving along Sheikh Zayed road every day, procurement managers were sourcing contracts to build this canal. And just when the time was right, and Dubai knows when the time is right, Dubai and the World woke up to the news, and a signboard on Sheikh Zayed Road stating “Dubai Water Canal”.

Dubai Water Canal is not just a canal. It creates the second island out of mainland. Yes, island out of mainland. Dubai Water Canal has just made part of Bur Dubai an island, just like Dubai Marina canal made part of Dubai Marina, an island. Dubai Water Canal changed the landscape of the city. For yacht owners, like myself, it meant another nice cruise in Dubai. Soon, I hope to be able sail from Dubai Marina, the Palm, Jumeirah Bay with the upcoming Bulgari Hotel, Nikki Beach, and the sought-after cruise from Jumeirah Beach through the Dubai Water Canal to Gold Souq. For people who enjoy fresh air and cycling, it means a nice walk from Mariott Hotel at Business Bay all the way to Jumeirah Beach. For those who care for marine living, the new Canal will improve the circulation of Dubai Creek and add value to the marine living of the city.

The Canal is not about real estate. It is not about a show. It is a pure, proven, vision of the city beyond bricks and investment. It is an investment in marine, in green, in beauty and in a vision.

Source: Property Time Online Magazine