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The Property Management services KAIZEN provides:

Marketing and Leasing

Marketing a property is not just listing and advertising it. Your potential tenants should have an impressive experience from the moment they become aware about your development to the point they move in to the property, and all the steps that come in between!

Six months before planned building(s) completion, the leasing team will begin marketing the building(s) and approaching potential tenants to initiate interest

This includes:

  • Preparing a letting brochure, leasing particulars and other promotional materials for circulation to likely interested parties, arranging such advertising as may be appropriate, and liaising with advertising or public relations companies as may be required. The pre approved costs of such letting brochure will be borne by the Client provided that the Client gave his prior written approval on the final draft of the letting brochure, and all other promotional and advertising material as mentioned above.
  • Formulate a Marketing Plan – to include on-line and traditional methods of marketing:
    • Arrange professional photography of the property for use in marketing collateral.
    • Provide a professional video of approximately three minutes for use in marketing collateral.
    • Design and launch a website for the development.
    • List available units as on at least 20 real estate portals.
    • Launch a digital advertising campaign on search engines and social media.
  • Handling all inquires, showing prospective tenants the Project and leasable areas, negotiating lease terms, attending to the preparation and submitting the leases to the Client for signature and accepting payment of Rent on the Client’s behalf, it being specified that all cheques and payments shall be made in the name of the Client.

Tenant Relation Management

KAIZEN will represent the Landlord with regards to the following activities:

  • Tenant Relations and Correspondence
    • Lease renewal notices
    • Legal Notices – breach of contract eg. Bounced cheques, non-payment etc.
    • Issuing NOC’s
    • Circulation of general information
    • Issuing Notice of violations
  • Tenant Contract Management
    • Renewals
    • Extensions
    • Addendums
  • Unit Management
    • Ensure all units are to a suitable standard for viewing
    • Conduct move-in inspections
    • Conduct move-out inspections
    • Issue reinstatement summaries to the Tenant and ensure units are reinstated at the tenant’s expense
  • Financial Administration
  • Tenant Collections
    • Invoicing
    • Receipting
    • Payment collections for rent, penalties and other fees

Document Control

Maintain a high level of accuracy for document submittals to the Landlord and ensuring the following are updated and issued in accordance with KAIZEN / Landlords policies & procedures:

  • Tenancy agreements
  • Ejari registrations
  • RFA’s submitted to landlord with supporting documents
  • Tenant compliance documentation; maintaining up to date trade licenses, passport copies, licenses etc.
  • Service Provider Compliance documentation – Service provider’s trade license and agreements, payment documentation, work completion certificates etc.
  • Payments – Inward and outward remittance

Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns

CSR projects may not add direct monetary value to your development, but will contribute to the development’s brand value which will in turn, attract quality tenants.
Initiate campaigns for the following activities:

  • Recycling
  • Energy saving
  • Environmental activities
  • Blood donations drives
  • RTA Road Safety demonstrations
  • Charity donations
  • Environmental awareness – Earth Hour, beach cleaning etc.

Health and Safety Services

  • Conduct quarterly HSE meetings with tenant reps for information share eg. Community improvement suggestions such as elevating safety within the car-parking complex (revision of speed bumps, placement of convex mirrors, speed limit signage, emergency signage, CCTV etc.)
  • Conduct bi-annual fire drill in accordance with local authorities and the property Emergency Evacuation Operation Plan (EEOP).
  • Station observers in key locations during fire drills to report building team / DCD / Tenant response to drill.
  • Conduct Pre-fire drill and fire drill meetings with HSE & Tenant Reps.
Your property will comply with the highest level of Health & Safety Standards. 


KAIZEN will issue one monthly and one quarterly report detailing the following activities:

  • Marketing activities undertaken in the previous month and those proposed for the next period;
  • Occupancy levels, current tenant interest, waiting lists, and offers issued
  • Rent arrears and actions recommended for recovery, Leasing renewals and new leases
  • Lease renewals due and recommendations for revised leasing terms
  • Contractor performance and comments where appropriate
  • Summary of maintenance work orders
  • Tenant fit-out progress as appropriate
  • Revenue projection for all sources of income from the Development in the format and including such information as requested by the Client
  • Preparation of projected occupancy analysis
  • Preparation of monthly budgeted vs actual occupancy analysis report
  • Preparation of a report showing various maintenance calls received and their status, the various feedbacks received from various tenants and KAIZEN comments and advice to the Clients in these matters.
  • All other matters considered relevant. Maintain online live data management system providing up to date listing, lease contracts and tenant details. The Client will have access to the data management system.
You will receive one monthly and one quarterly report that will allow you to monitor the progress of all matters pertaining to the property.

Financial and Budget Control

KAIZEN’s competitive edge lies in our vast expertise in managing budgets to maximize your net profit

KAIZEN is responsible for the budgeting and cost management of the development. Post project handover, KAIZEN will work with the Client to ensure integrated financial control systems can be achieved, allowing for:

  • Account set – up to include for procurement processes and sign off authorities
  • Approved supplier process to be engaged to set up any potential supplier partners for the service delivery
  • Processing of all monthly invoices from FM SP’s, contractors and material suppliers and the preparation of monthly certificates for payment by the client.
  • Agreement on financial reporting timescales and targets.
  • Propose cost saving initiatives such as energy saving.
  • Ensure the property is running at the highest level of efficiency to avoid unnecessary expenses

Other Services

KAIZEN shall also be responsible for the following matters and report to the Client as required:

  • If required, Kaizen will investigate and recommend insurance coverage for the Project to the Client.
  • Arrange for the tendering of third party contracts entered into for the Project as often as may be required and instructed by the Client. Such contracts include, but are not limited to, air conditioning and lift maintenance, security, cleaning, insurance, etc.
  • If necessaryKAIZEN shall reasonably ensure that maintenance companies employed at the Project take the necessary precautions and measures to remedy and identify any defects in the Project.
  • KAIZEN are to at all times endeavour to maximize the Projects income and minimize expenses in such a manner as to not affect the efficiency of the Project.
  • Where possibleKAIZEN will always propose to the Client ways to improve on the efficiency and profitability of the development.
The KAIZEN team has over the years proved their success in improving the value of properties by implementing a macro level approach while paying attention to details.