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Real Estate Development in Dubai

The primary objectives of our Development Management service is to control the time, cost and quality of a project. We take the pressure off of the client by ensuring resources are used appropriately and that all functions of the development are in line with one another. Whether working with administrators, financial advisors, accountants, legal advisors, designers, contractors or all of the above, we believe that clear and consistent communication is the key to effective coordination and ultimately, to achieve the expected results. KAIZEN stands out from the competition through the use of our proven processes, rigorous internal controls, and advanced systems.


Services Includes:

  • Market research and advisory
  • Selection and appointment of architectural consultants
  • Quantity surveyors tender stage
  • Management of the design stage
  • Selection and appointment of contractors
  • Hand-over and closing of the project

Co-living focuses on creating a more fulfilling community lifestyle by using shared spaces more effectively. Co-living is living in a more connected way with the people around you. The way of living is focused on the community.

Co-Living gives people the opportunity to live- work and play with like-minded individuals. Co-living offers Developers the chance to be ahead of the game when it comes to supplying new generations with social building space.

At KAIZEN we will provide Developers, Investors, and REITS with a competitive edge by creating shareable, reconfigurable space for inner-city habitation.


KAIZEN has been providing unique and highly specialized solutions for Property Developers. An industry first, our after sales support offering caters for the entire after-sales process of developments. Our process is specifically designed to ensure that the long-term image of the development is enhanced, directly benefiting the developer and ensuring high customer satisfaction. Our involvement in a project commences a minimum of 6 months prior to its completion, and is followed by detailed planning through the final stages of construction.

Once the onsite office is established Kaizen will provide the following in-house services:

  1. All development related queries
  2. Maintenance and Property Management queries
  3. Renovations to re-sales