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Ensure High Tenancy Rates: A Guide for Property Owners In Dubai

With the Dubai economy once again experiencing wholesale growth, the prospects of generating and maintaining high tenancy rates among residential properties is increasing.   Still, this is only providing the opportunity of increasing tenancy rates and does not ensure a higher tenancy rate. To increase and maintain high tenancy rates, it requires a well-developed relationship between […]

The Importance of Energy and Carbon in Facility Management

As global awareness of the consequences of climate concerns increases and these concerns are translated into regulatory initiatives, it is slowly becoming imperative for stakeholders in property and facility management to undertake steps to position themselves in front of these concerns. By doing so, not only do future regulatory initiatives have less of an impact on daily […]

10 Signs of Poor Property Management

Poor property management costs you more than you think. There is more to good property management than a roof that doesn’t leak. Most property managers tend to think that business is good as long as there’s a roof over the property and the tenants are still put. They don’t consider that it might only be a […]

10 Signs of Good Property Management

  Good property management can keep you making money. Profitability is usually a factor to look at when it comes to gauging the success of any business. However, when it comes to property management, there are certain signs – some of which may not be very tangible – that greatly show the success of good property […]